Mercy or Judgement

This week Deacon Richard and I were confronted with these two alternatives, to judge or not to judge, to be merciful or not to be merciful.

By the very nature of his vocation to the Diaconate and our call to holiness through our Baptism we decided together to choose mercy and forgiveness. It is not always easy, but the choice in front of us this week gave us the opportunity to be Christ to a person who had perhaps been falsely accused and was hurting. We are not sure whether he is or not, but that day it was not for us to judge.

By the grace of God and praying with each other first, the Deacon approached this man sitting by himself and offered words of encouragement and support. Later that same week we saw this gentleman again and it was easier this time because we had acknowledged him before and he knew we were praying for him and his situation.

It is only by the grace of God that we are not in his situation. We left the restaurant that morning feeling blest by the experience that God placed in our lives. Free from any guilt and feeling the Grace that the Holy Spirit led us to be merciful that day.

God’s ways lead us to freedom, as He forgives us we too must also forgive and be merciful.