Today my attention during prayer went to Psalm 124; ” Our soul has been rescued like a bird from the fowlers snare”, then it continues, “Broken was the snare and we were freed.”

This is the gift given to me and all of us by the child Jesus who came into the world to rescue us from the strong man, the false spirit, the enemy of God. Father John Riccardo uses this term often , Rescued. Fr. John’s apostolic mission is to bring this message to the world that we have been rescued and have the gift of eternal life because Jesus destroyed death forever for us, even the most sinful among us. If we only turn to him and respond to that gift of rescue. It is indeed a gift , a gift I certainly don’t deserve on any given day. But He gifted it never the less to all of us. So how do I respond to such a great gift. I don’t have the answer, but I think St. Joseph gave us an answer in today’s gospel. Joseph heard from the Angel of the Lord to flee Egypt and protect his wife and child. Joseph listened and responded immediately to what the Angel was asking of him. Perhaps that is our response as well, to listen to the Lord’s instructions to us, and act on them . May our holiness be our response.

Rescued people Rescue people, who will you rescue today ?


The Blank Page

I heard this quote today that resonated with me , “I write so I know what I am thinking “. My pen flows as my scattered thoughts come together on the white blank page in my journal . I am thankful for this journal which gathers in all my feelings, doubts, desires, fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, expectations, conversations , experiences of God in everyday life and cares and prayers for others as well as my examen . It is in reviewing my written word inspired by God’s words in prayer first that I know who I am and who I am in God . As a spiritual guide to others I encourage directees to do the same , those that can do it find it a source of great comfort and growth in their spiritual journey and intimacy with God. They also use their journal to recall their experiences with God that they want to bring to spiritual direction monthly. I also do the same . In reviewing the month I can see where I have been and where I am and where going in this pilgrimage of life . I can also see where my prayers were answered or God responded in a different way to what I thought I needed most and I give thanks

It’s amazing what that quote made me realized even more today . Maybe consider joining me today and put pen to your blank page and see what is revealed .

Sunday Musings

The word is Unity or lack of Unity. I sense we are all struggling with Unity because our faith is in things we see and not unseen things. Our faith is drawn to the nearest soundbites, to opinions, to our possessions, to our own needs. We have made so many things our idols.

Right now the enemy of God is thrilled with this lack of faith, so thrilled that we can be divided over a simple mask, a vaccine, a political party, even over how we celebrate the Catholic mass and receive the Eucharist.No matter what we believe we must notice how our beliefs are dividing us instead of bringing us together as Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

My eyes are opened today to see how weak I have been by falling into these same traps. First, by not placing my trust in God’s eternal words, which never divide but bring unity and proclaims love always. Today Peter tells us, You have the words of eternal life. His words penetrate the state of my soul today as I continue to witness global events and events dividing our Church and our world.My husband Deacon Richard gave the homily today on Faith, and shared these words:”to whom are we placing our faith, how do we share our faith, what are we learning each day to grow in faith? Good questions to ponder this Sunday, Jesus desires us so much more than we desire him. I ask for the gift of faith today, but as Deacon Richard shared, Faith is God’s work in me to which I must respond . Faith is a gift but it requires us to respond to the gift from God. How will I respond to this gift , will I put it away again or will I nurture it and water it!

These words Jesus tells his disciples today, “the words I have spoken to you are Spirit and Life”. Do I believe that to be true? Jesus does not bring division, he brings unity. I pray today for our divided world and church and my hope is in the Risen Christ who has the last word .” Join me in praying for our Brother’s and sisters in Afghanistan, Haiti, and all parts of the world who need our faith in Christ to strengthen their faith in the hope that they too can live in freedom.

Enjoy God today, only when God is all we have do we know we have everything we need.


Polluted Rags, Withered Leaves

Abba Father, I begin this first Sunday of Advent reflecting on the words from the Prophet Isaiah and the Gospel according to St. Mark.Oh that you would rend the Heavens and come down to us ” to me. Oh that on a good day you may find me doing good deeds with great love, putting on your mind and heart. I realize my own sinfulness and I feel drawn to be reconciled with you again, may I prepare for a good confession. I desire to be like Mary, a vessel open and free to follow your will without conditions. I desire to be ready to proclaim my own Fiat at Christmas, to be an empty vessel to let you fill me up, Holy and without blemish. My desires I place in your hands that you fill them with your graces.

You scold me me through and through with these words , ” you are polluted rags withered like leaves”. Harsh words for me to hear from a loving God. Yet Isaiah calls me back to hear these words, I am clay in the hands of the Potter, ready to be reformed in your image. I much prefer those words to being described as polluted rag or a withered leave, but perhaps at times I deserve that description, may this advent wake me up to that reality and carry me to your hands which mold me , your words which heal me.

Do your work in me over the next 4 weeks, let me not grow lazy, weary, impatient or get caught up with worldly expectations of Christmas. Help me stay awake, because you have placed me and many in charge of this household on earth until you come again. I am one of your tenants here on earth. I pray you will be proud of all your tenants, your servants at the end of these 4 weeks and that you will find all of us humble and awake and ready to celebrate with your Son and your Mother Mary at Christmas.

Lord make me turn to you, let me see your face and I shall be saved.

Yes, No, Maybe later?

As I do on most Sundays after morning mass I come home finish morning prayers and then begin to cook the Sunday meal. When cooking since Covid hit in March I listen to many homilies from all parts of our Country.

I have a few favorites including all the local Parishes but lately I have added three, one from Omaha, Divine Mercy in Kenner, and of course Holy Family with Fr. Joe Krupp in Michigan. The message today was very similar. So my story reflects what I have heard in those homilies today.

Which son are you Diane? Have you all considered how you may answer that question. On any given day I may be the one who would answer Yes quickly but then regret it, think about it , realize how much is necessary and head for the nearest exit. It’s not easy being all in, it requires, time, money, and getting uncomfortable. It means putting on the mind and heart of Jesus. I have been known to say No immediately and then change my mind when the good angel appears on my shoulder and tells me, Diane you are wrong , get up and do what your suppose to do. When I do this I wish I had just said yes from the beginning .When I say maybe I procrastinate way to long which most times I find myself not responding to the requests at all.

In this Gospel I recall the consideration St. Ignatius gives us in the Spiritual exercises on the Three couples. The first couple are all talk no action, the Second couple does whatever their will is without consulting and praying, and Third couple does God’s will. When I prayed this during the 19th annotation on retreat I told my spiritual Director oh I am definitely in agreement with whatever God’s will is, but when I had to look back at the many decisions I have made in my life I would see how often I chose like the first and second couple. I desire to have the desire to be with God’s will and I certainly continue to pray that I can in the future. I trust God has a lot more work to do in and through me. I pray today I can be open to his work in me.

The week ahead for me presents many opportunities to follow God’s ways, especially with my own family. One person needing surgery and will need my undivided attention for a while. To be honest I am not excited about another season of caregiving but today’s reading cuts to the heart and tells me that is where I must go for God to continue his work in me. In another family member we have been asked to give our treasure to someone very close to us, its an ongoing problem for years that has been difficult, but the Lord tells us, when you see him you must see me. Again, I want to answer in my own way and not hear God’s voice or God’s will, today I ask for his strength that I may respond with a humble and compassionate heart, saying Yes from the very beginning.

Today will you join me wherever you find yourself. We are all being challenged as people of faith, to go out and Be Christ to others. It is not an easy road in this society that wants to cancel us out. Each day we are faced with a choice , a free choice, not a forced choice. The most current example in our society was yesterday’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States; Mrs. Amy Coney Barrett. She knows her Yes will cause her a lot of headaches, false accusations, and pain for her family as she will be beat up in the press and through our political system, but she goes forth in faith. Let us all be bold like her and go out and say Yes, not Yes then No or Maybe. Let us join together and help each other with the choices we face each day to Be Christ and to help HIM get his world back. AMEN AMEN

Everybody has a Restless Heart

This morning before Mass began I prayed that I would just rest on Jesus’ Heart and ask Him what he needs today. I am always asking Him for things so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to just embrace Him , and we could just enjoy each other’s company instead of my constant asking and talking about my needs.

Of course that lasted for all of about five minutes when my wondering mind went elsewhere. I started to ask for the grace to be filled with something new, something that would linger with me today.

At mass I felt Him telling me trust my Mother , have faith like her and she will lead you to me, have faith Diane. Rest awhile.

After Mass I put on Catholic Radio. Jesus always knows how to find me through podcasts, radio and music. On the radio was Cardinal Dolan interviewing Dino Dimucci. Of course he would reach me through an Italian. This Brooklyn man spoke wisdom to me. He is 80 years old now but still wise as Solomon. Let me share with you what stayed with me from that interview.

Dino shared that as a young man he would go to Mass in the city and a local Bishop would always grab him with a guestion. Dino what does that song mean” Rebel without a cause”; Bishop you know the song . Yes but should’t it be A Rebel for the truth. Hmm! Next week the Bishop asks what makes a man happy? Dino answered a nice car, a big house, a pretty lady in my life. etc ;he went on about all the pleasures in life that would make Dino happy. No! the Bishop answers Virtue makes a man happy. Dino had to look up what is virtue. He was not familiar with that word.

Do we live for success, honor, glory, wealth prestige? Dino thought at first that would make him happy, but then he read from St. Thomas Acquinas. If we have God in our lives and put him first our wealth will be used to serve God and wealth will not serve us, our virtuous living will be Godly living. It will free us from the excesses of life. Then Dino quotes from Bruce Springsteens song, “Everybody got a restless heart.’ Dino told Bruce you know that is from St. Augustine,” Our hearts are restless until it rests in thee.”

Dino than went on to talk about his good friend Ralph Martin who wrote Fulfillment of all Desire. That is really the point of it all he told the Cardinal, Jesus, is the Fulfillment of all our hearts desire.

The Cardinal was astonished at how Dino remembered the questions and answers from his local bishop after many years . This encounter Dino had with the Bishop was when he was a young man searching. This Bishop met Dino where he was in his faith and now 80 years later Dino is preaching it and living it in his music and in his life.

I am thankful to You Dino and for Jesus answering my prayer through an interview on Catholic Radio. My heart Rests only in your O Lord.

Jesus is in all things, where will you hear him or find him in your Restless Heart today?

Jesus Eyes

As I prepared myself before Mass last evening I asked Jesus for the grace to penetrate my dry ears and fill me with His words that I may feel His strength, love and guidance.

My grace was answered by the Priest boldly breaking open the Gospel of the five loaves and two fishes. I am still pondering those words as I write my blog this morning.

This is what I heard, Jesus had just gone off to the desert to pray alone, mourning the death of his cousin John the Baptist. He had very little time to do so as the crowds were desiring to be with him, to be healed , to be fed.

Jesus unselfish as He is always, goes to them with his disciples. He is compassionate, His feelings of compassion towards them leads Him to action, action which includes a challenge to His Apostles ; He tells them feed them yourselves, this challenge leads to the miracle of the abundance of food which feeds everyone. The miracle I often take for granted every time the Eucharist is taken, blest, broken and given to me.

Our Eucharist is our food , food for the journey , food to accept the challenges the Lord gives us each day like he did his disciples on the grassy plain. Do I trust enough to accept that when given the challenge of daily life ,this Spiritual nourishment will be all that I need to pick up my cross and follow in the ways of Hope, Justice and love? I hope so I pray so.

The priest also shared that we must see with Jesus eyes, eyes of hope, eyes of compassion and love. When we do so we can forgive, we can accept the cross, we can be joyful in the midst of storms, we can accept each other with Jesus eyes. Miracles can happen, when we have the right attitude, which leads us to the right actions. Jesus will multiply whatever I offer and leave me with plenty left over.

Today I pray for compassion, courage, acceptance of self, forgiveness, spiritual eyes, spiritual nourishment. JESUS take my meager offering , multiply it and make it plentiful that others may be brought to Christ as well. Remind me of whose I am, your beloved daughter in whom you I well pleased.

Lastly let me see all things with your Jesus eyes, that ordinary things become extraordinary masterpieces.


“All is Gift”

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola. I first learned about St. Ignatius when I began going to Spiritual Direction . If you have not read about his life I encourage you to do so. In Spiritual Direction I was encouraged to do the 19th annotation which is the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in daily life. I started in September of 2011 and finished in July of 2012. It was quite a commitment to daily prayer for at least an hour a day and meeting with your Spiritual Director once a week to review my experiences in praying the exercises. Through all of it I came to love prayer more .Entering into imaginative prayer was new for me and it took some time to be vulnerable and open to that way of praying .

St. Ignatius also developed the rules for Discernment of Spirits as he struggled through many decisions big and small on his journey of faith. The 14 rules of discernment have guided me through the many invitations and calls to serve the church, my family, and my community. My favorite rule is make no changes when in times of desolation. If you forget any of the rules never forget that one, because when you are down or troubled you want to stay the course and wait for consolation to return so you do not make a big mistake.

St. Ignatius also showed me how to notice things, everyday ordinary things. I started to notice the beauty of creation, where God is everywhere, in the flowers, in the beautiful tapestry of the sky, in the cool breeze across my face. No matter how bad a day it has been I can always find God by noticing. God is in all things, St. Ignatius was very clear about that!

St. Ignatius also believed and lived that everything we choose to do should be for the greater glory of God. He taught me how to be indifferent to accept God’s will and surrender my will for God’s plan. It’s not easy when you think you are in control and you want to hold on to your ideas of how things should be. I still struggle with it but at least I am more self-aware now when I make that mistake.

I titled this blog “All is Gift” because that is the one of the best things I learned from him. Even in difficult times if we trust in God’s plans for us it is a Gift. Every encounter with another soul is a gift, every drop of rain, every mountain we climb to holiness , every disappointment, every victory, it is all Gift.

One more thing before I close, St. Ignatius instructs us that we should pray the Examen prayer everyday and never miss it, even if we miss our other ways of praying. I have done that since I began Spiritual Direction, it helps me notice things in my day, it helps me notice what God wants me to notice, it guides me to see my faults and strengths and where I need his grace going forward. It also keeps me grounded, helps me to apologize when I have been wrong, lifts me from laziness, and keeps me from thinking too much of my self . St. Ignatius taught me I have accepted this after many years that I am a “loved sinner.” I will continue to make mistakes but God loves me anyway and he will continue to take be back in his loving arms and give me infinite chances .

St. Ignatius started the Society of Jesus. the Jesuits in the 16 th century.To this day the Spiritual Exercises and his Rules for discernement are still being used and studied by not only Catholics but many denominations to this day. Thank-you St. Ignatius for taking to bed after your cannonball injury and studying the Lives of the Saints and the Life of Christ while in rehab and choosing to follow that path that led you to share your pilgrimage towards holiness with all the world.

The Hope of Heaven

So many thoughts to reflect on this Sunday, some coming from personal time in prayer, some from Mass for the first time in nearly two months in community, and some from conversations with others. This time is short, the end for which we are created is everlasting it is eternal, we live here for such a short time, but our hope is eternal. It is what gives me hope, hope in the Risen Christ who has survived this earthly experience and He shows us the Way to do the same.

The one question that keeps coming back to me is what is the “Reason for your hope “? What is the reason for my Hope? That is the question posit to us at Mass by Peter today. My husband Deacon Richard heard the word of God as he proclaimed the Gospel and then broke open the homily today with this answer for hope: “God has our back.”

For some it may seem as if God did not have our back, because of job loss, isolation, church at home and not in community, public graduations cancelled, school at home and not with fellow students and friends, deaths experienced alone and those in hospitals dying alone, weddings cancelled or postpone. You may ask the question how did God have my back in all of that mess and still for some those things have not gotten any better.

Well, I would say God is always in the mess of things even when we don’t understand it , can’t hear him, and we ask what are we suppose to do about it. I sense He is forging a transformation, a new church revived and longing and desiring for Him, because we know now as we have never known before what it is like to be separated from Him and the body of Christ. He is showing us how to have the domestic church, to make Sunday a day of rest and Sabbath, to enjoy the beautiful weather.If you have not noticed except for one or two days of heavy rain we have had gorgeous skies , cool breezes and Sun. Families are gathering for dinners, praying together, riding bikes, taking walks , playing board games again, connecting in new ways. We have learned to evangelized using social media, live streaming masses, using zoom, FaceTime, twitter, instagram, google duo, and the internet in holy ways. Nothing can separate from the Love of God.

Of course we could go on complaining about what we don’t have as yet, but how much better it feels to be grateful for what we have been given. If we look back at these past 8 weeks we will see how the Spirit guided us and protected us. Maybe it was help from grandparents with homeschooling your children, maybe it was a meal sent for you an essential worker, maybe it was a generous donation from a neighbor. Maybe you received a card in the mail or a driveway greeting. He has had our backs, and will continue to have our backs .

The Holy Spirit has been with us since our baptisms and sealed in us at our confirmation, the spirit is alive and well in us. It is evident by all the different ways graduations are celebrated with drive by cars with balloons and signs, teachers finding ways to visit their students safely with gift packages, people are showing appreciation to the essential workers among us, parents are working from home in new and creative ways and learning patience as they teach their children, pastors have become creative in getting the word out to their communities and the world, colleges , schools and universities have not stopped teaching using the virtual world of the internet for good. I could go on to what has come from this, I am sure you have many examples as well. I give glory and praise to our Creator who always has our back and will never abandon us, He may be in disguise but He is among us.

Let us pray together for all those who do not believe as yet in the Power of God who is Risen and who gave us the Holy Spirit so we may know God always has our Back and that is The Reason for My hope, the Hope of Heaven the Risen Christ . Alleluia! Amen.

7 Miles

Today the reading takes us from Jerusalem to Emmaus . It takes this pair 7 miles to get back home. I don’t know about you but I walk on average 2 – 3 miles a day, so to think they walked 7 miles one way and 7 miles back to Jerusalem! Wow, what an encounter it must have been , because they also walked back at night in the dark, tired , exhausted but now the encounter they had experienced with Jesus gave them the spiritual energy to make the journey back again .

7 is also a complete number which is very significant in scripture. Jesus only meets them when the journey is exactly 7 miles to Emmaus, and they leave Emmaus only when the encounter is completed with Jesus to return to Jerusalem . Only when their eyes were opened and their hearts burning to share the good news with others would they have the spiritual energy to embark on the journey to meet the 11 and the woman who witnessed the empty tomb and many others.

Jesus also did not reveal himself to them in Emmaus until he was invited into their homes to break bread with them. He did not force himself on them he hid himself. Actually he was going to continue on until the invitation came from them to share a meal at their. He waited till their hearts were open to receive and encounter Him in the breaking of the bread.

Jesus gives me and you that same freedom to choose to invite him in or to let him go on his way. 7 miles to encounter Jesus, 7 miles to bring the good news to others. 7 miles changed lives for the two in Emmaus and the many in Jerusalem that day, that same Jesus wants to walk those same 7 miles with us today. ITE, MISSA EST”