Today my attention during prayer went to Psalm 124; ” Our soul has been rescued like a bird from the fowlers snare”, then it continues, “Broken was the snare and we were freed.”

This is the gift given to me and all of us by the child Jesus who came into the world to rescue us from the strong man, the false spirit, the enemy of God. Father John Riccardo uses this term often , Rescued. Fr. John’s apostolic mission is to bring this message to the world that we have been rescued and have the gift of eternal life because Jesus destroyed death forever for us, even the most sinful among us. If we only turn to him and respond to that gift of rescue. It is indeed a gift , a gift I certainly don’t deserve on any given day. But He gifted it never the less to all of us. So how do I respond to such a great gift. I don’t have the answer, but I think St. Joseph gave us an answer in today’s gospel. Joseph heard from the Angel of the Lord to flee Egypt and protect his wife and child. Joseph listened and responded immediately to what the Angel was asking of him. Perhaps that is our response as well, to listen to the Lord’s instructions to us, and act on them . May our holiness be our response.

Rescued people Rescue people, who will you rescue today ?


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