The Blank Page

I heard this quote today that resonated with me , “I write so I know what I am thinking “. My pen flows as my scattered thoughts come together on the white blank page in my journal . I am thankful for this journal which gathers in all my feelings, doubts, desires, fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, expectations, conversations , experiences of God in everyday life and cares and prayers for others as well as my examen . It is in reviewing my written word inspired by God’s words in prayer first that I know who I am and who I am in God . As a spiritual guide to others I encourage directees to do the same , those that can do it find it a source of great comfort and growth in their spiritual journey and intimacy with God. They also use their journal to recall their experiences with God that they want to bring to spiritual direction monthly. I also do the same . In reviewing the month I can see where I have been and where I am and where going in this pilgrimage of life . I can also see where my prayers were answered or God responded in a different way to what I thought I needed most and I give thanks

It’s amazing what that quote made me realized even more today . Maybe consider joining me today and put pen to your blank page and see what is revealed .


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