Sunday Musings

The word is Unity or lack of Unity. I sense we are all struggling with Unity because our faith is in things we see and not unseen things. Our faith is drawn to the nearest soundbites, to opinions, to our possessions, to our own needs. We have made so many things our idols.

Right now the enemy of God is thrilled with this lack of faith, so thrilled that we can be divided over a simple mask, a vaccine, a political party, even over how we celebrate the Catholic mass and receive the Eucharist.No matter what we believe we must notice how our beliefs are dividing us instead of bringing us together as Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.

My eyes are opened today to see how weak I have been by falling into these same traps. First, by not placing my trust in God’s eternal words, which never divide but bring unity and proclaims love always. Today Peter tells us, You have the words of eternal life. His words penetrate the state of my soul today as I continue to witness global events and events dividing our Church and our world.My husband Deacon Richard gave the homily today on Faith, and shared these words:”to whom are we placing our faith, how do we share our faith, what are we learning each day to grow in faith? Good questions to ponder this Sunday, Jesus desires us so much more than we desire him. I ask for the gift of faith today, but as Deacon Richard shared, Faith is God’s work in me to which I must respond . Faith is a gift but it requires us to respond to the gift from God. How will I respond to this gift , will I put it away again or will I nurture it and water it!

These words Jesus tells his disciples today, “the words I have spoken to you are Spirit and Life”. Do I believe that to be true? Jesus does not bring division, he brings unity. I pray today for our divided world and church and my hope is in the Risen Christ who has the last word .” Join me in praying for our Brother’s and sisters in Afghanistan, Haiti, and all parts of the world who need our faith in Christ to strengthen their faith in the hope that they too can live in freedom.

Enjoy God today, only when God is all we have do we know we have everything we need.


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