Polluted Rags, Withered Leaves

Abba Father, I begin this first Sunday of Advent reflecting on the words from the Prophet Isaiah and the Gospel according to St. Mark.Oh that you would rend the Heavens and come down to us ” to me. Oh that on a good day you may find me doing good deeds with great love, putting on your mind and heart. I realize my own sinfulness and I feel drawn to be reconciled with you again, may I prepare for a good confession. I desire to be like Mary, a vessel open and free to follow your will without conditions. I desire to be ready to proclaim my own Fiat at Christmas, to be an empty vessel to let you fill me up, Holy and without blemish. My desires I place in your hands that you fill them with your graces.

You scold me me through and through with these words , ” you are polluted rags withered like leaves”. Harsh words for me to hear from a loving God. Yet Isaiah calls me back to hear these words, I am clay in the hands of the Potter, ready to be reformed in your image. I much prefer those words to being described as polluted rag or a withered leave, but perhaps at times I deserve that description, may this advent wake me up to that reality and carry me to your hands which mold me , your words which heal me.

Do your work in me over the next 4 weeks, let me not grow lazy, weary, impatient or get caught up with worldly expectations of Christmas. Help me stay awake, because you have placed me and many in charge of this household on earth until you come again. I am one of your tenants here on earth. I pray you will be proud of all your tenants, your servants at the end of these 4 weeks and that you will find all of us humble and awake and ready to celebrate with your Son and your Mother Mary at Christmas.

Lord make me turn to you, let me see your face and I shall be saved.


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