Yes, No, Maybe later?

As I do on most Sundays after morning mass I come home finish morning prayers and then begin to cook the Sunday meal. When cooking since Covid hit in March I listen to many homilies from all parts of our Country.

I have a few favorites including all the local Parishes but lately I have added three, one from Omaha, Divine Mercy in Kenner, and of course Holy Family with Fr. Joe Krupp in Michigan. The message today was very similar. So my story reflects what I have heard in those homilies today.

Which son are you Diane? Have you all considered how you may answer that question. On any given day I may be the one who would answer Yes quickly but then regret it, think about it , realize how much is necessary and head for the nearest exit. It’s not easy being all in, it requires, time, money, and getting uncomfortable. It means putting on the mind and heart of Jesus. I have been known to say No immediately and then change my mind when the good angel appears on my shoulder and tells me, Diane you are wrong , get up and do what your suppose to do. When I do this I wish I had just said yes from the beginning .When I say maybe I procrastinate way to long which most times I find myself not responding to the requests at all.

In this Gospel I recall the consideration St. Ignatius gives us in the Spiritual exercises on the Three couples. The first couple are all talk no action, the Second couple does whatever their will is without consulting and praying, and Third couple does God’s will. When I prayed this during the 19th annotation on retreat I told my spiritual Director oh I am definitely in agreement with whatever God’s will is, but when I had to look back at the many decisions I have made in my life I would see how often I chose like the first and second couple. I desire to have the desire to be with God’s will and I certainly continue to pray that I can in the future. I trust God has a lot more work to do in and through me. I pray today I can be open to his work in me.

The week ahead for me presents many opportunities to follow God’s ways, especially with my own family. One person needing surgery and will need my undivided attention for a while. To be honest I am not excited about another season of caregiving but today’s reading cuts to the heart and tells me that is where I must go for God to continue his work in me. In another family member we have been asked to give our treasure to someone very close to us, its an ongoing problem for years that has been difficult, but the Lord tells us, when you see him you must see me. Again, I want to answer in my own way and not hear God’s voice or God’s will, today I ask for his strength that I may respond with a humble and compassionate heart, saying Yes from the very beginning.

Today will you join me wherever you find yourself. We are all being challenged as people of faith, to go out and Be Christ to others. It is not an easy road in this society that wants to cancel us out. Each day we are faced with a choice , a free choice, not a forced choice. The most current example in our society was yesterday’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States; Mrs. Amy Coney Barrett. She knows her Yes will cause her a lot of headaches, false accusations, and pain for her family as she will be beat up in the press and through our political system, but she goes forth in faith. Let us all be bold like her and go out and say Yes, not Yes then No or Maybe. Let us join together and help each other with the choices we face each day to Be Christ and to help HIM get his world back. AMEN AMEN


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