To Pay Homage

Today 3 Wise Kings followed a star, and after hearing the homily last night I was informed we really do not know the exact number who followed the star which brought them to Bethlehem. Apparently many more than 3 Kings.

As I reflected and contemplated this scene I envisioned the line that is formed to receive the King in the form of Bread and wine at all the Catholic churches around our world today. I watched as we all processed bringing our own gifts of Frankincense , Gold and Myrrh. We are dressed like Kings and Queens because we are about to receive a great Gift. But do we realize the gift, we too are approaching the Babe of Bethlehem but in the form of a tiny piece of Bread and a sip of blood from gold chalices. Why Gold, because we are receiving the Most High King .

I don’t always consider this vision as I get up from the pew to receive the Eucharist, the great King who so wants to nourish me for the week ahead. As I stroll back to my pew with His body having touched my lips or perhaps my hand I so try to hold on to the scent, the feel of HIs body and blood entering mine and the sacrifice it took and the humility for Him to come to me like this each and every Mass.

The other thought is how am I changed by it and how do I share it with others . If the Eucharist is the greatest gift we have received , why don’t our faces and actions reveal that to others. Folks , I am questioning and others this week especially are asking me where are the young people? If we are not changed by what we receive and our faces do not show the joy of the Eucharist we will continue to see less of our younger generation who are attracted to the music and the feel good language of the Healing and feel Good churches that do not require any commitments , commandments repentance and reconcilation or the practice of the Beatitudes of The King. The healing churches can heal through community but there is one major gift lacking the Babe of Bethlehem housed in the Tabernacle waiting for us to adore Him and receive Him.. God does work in mysterious ways and I believe he works there in the healing churches too and perhaps as we pray He is doing just that and leading them home by a route we have yet to understand. However I must say, we have the Grace Trifecta , Prayer, Sacrament, Word. We have another trifecta of truth the footstool, the 3 legged footstool, magisterium( Apostolic ) sacred tradition ,and Scripture. We are not our own authority. But each must be given the grace of faith to search and find the Truth and the Way and the life. I am sixty two years old, and God has been so patient with my journey, and I am still on a journey. I just pray that somehow when I leave Church after each Mass my face, my actions will reveal to others who have yet not found the truth they will want to ask me what is the Joy and hope you have found I want that too.

May God be with you and bless you with a Holy and Happy 2019.


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