Hypocritical Beds

Very recently I was at a gathering of friends and my ears perked up when one person shared a memory they had of the person whose life we were remembering on this occasion.

She shared how her friend told her that she made a hypocritical bed. What does that mean she said? It means your bed is all neat on the outside, but underneath the bedspread your sheets and blankets are all wrinkled, torn and bunched up. You present yourself one way to the world but inside you tell a different story.

That stayed with me for many reasons. Of course the first one is to look at myself. What do I want others to see, do I change based on who they think I am or expect me to be? Or do I present my real self in all circumstances. Honestly, it is a daily challenge, the only thing that keeps me honest is my Daily examen prayer; that St. Ignatius reminds me never to omit. Do I do it perfectly, no, but it keeps me honest with myself and what I am presenting to the world in which I live.

Then I looked at the crisis in our church today suffering from spiritual dehydration over the current charges and allegations against the hierarchy of our church. How have they been making hypocritical beds for so long?. Have they been examining themselves daily? Oh if they could have been following St. Ignatius advice for prayer, would we be in this crisis today.

My Heart wonders what Jesus is thinking. I know he is crying with us and its Holy ministers who suffer as well for the innocent and are caught up with the guilty. Has anyone even talked to Jesus in prayer and asked , Where else should we go but to you Lord ? Lord, I pray with expectant faith and hope that like you allowed Job to experience the Devil’s might and gave Job so much pain and suffering ¬†and than his friends who gave him such poor advice, may we see in this current situation how you brought Light and wisdom to Job., that we may find wisdom and direction and light for our church our family of faith. Let us be careful what friends we are listening to for direction and guidance, and go to the source of Wisdom our Risen Christ. Remembering God is God and we are not it.