Wasted Spaces or Fertile Ground

It has been sometime since I have had sometime to ponder and write for my blog. This morning has given me some wasted fertile time to do the reflecting and the writing. As I prayed with the reading of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins many thoughts have surfaced. One that keeps playing in my mind is I cannot give my faith life to someone else, my spiritually is my spiritually . I recall the words Fr. John Ricardo often repeats to his congregation; “Faith is God’s work in me to which I respond.” So faith is a gift first and foremost given to me to respond to , to deny it or waste it. I know there were times in my life when I barely noticed the gifts of faith.Oh how I wasted it and threw it aside thinking I have more time, that is for old people. Well, now I am one of those old people I guess , wow I never thought I would get here. The other question that came up in one of the reflections on the gospel was, I’ m I too busy to respond to the gift of faith; boy that hit me right between the eyes. 

Now that takes me to the second part, wasted time or fertile ground. Lately I have pondered all the in-between times that I can utilize for prayer and reflection. What about when I am getting dressed , brushing my teeth, or taking a shower. Now this one especially for men  I think is a great place to utilize wasted time, now don’t get scandalized but we all do this, we use the bathroom some use it longer than others I know, but God does he really care where we find him and pray. A great wasted space. Driving in the car, stopping in traffic, waiting in a car pool line, waiting in line at the grocery store, I am sure you can think of many more. I have often felt I have my prayer time , my attachments to the way I pray, but no time for the Rosary or the Divine chaplet. Why not use these wasted spaces for that and make it fertile .

The month of October we prayed with our Blessed Lady who wants us to pray with her to her Son. Believe it or not that has been a difficult call for me to answer, as I pray as I can more easily with meditation and contemplation, from the word of God or with spiritual reading and imagination. But this month the Blessed Mother has been like her Son hounding me with messages to take up the Rosary again. How you may ask ?Well one very nice lady in church shared with me that Jesus told her to tell me of  the image she had of Mary crying tears, boy did that hit me where it hurts, right in the gut and right to my Spiritual Director.Someone else told me how she was being called to pray the Rosary again ouch, I am listening.Then last night after mass two parishioners are holding rosaries and telling me there stories of praying , one wanted to give  me a rosary ring and a pamphlet to pray it. Of course I had just prayed the Glorious mystery before Mass started and Friday Rich and I prayed the rosary in the car together, so it is not like I never do it or do not know how, their was a time in my life I was part of a rosary group, and a time when I prayed it everyday. I am listening now to the call to take it up again in the wasted time of my day, to use it for others and for myself, to make what is wasted fertile ground. Mary, Mother of God I am trying, I pray as I can not as I can’t.